Award Winning Motorbike Manufacturer and D2C Company

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  •  Founder - Young Australian Of The Year & Australian Young Entrepreneur
  •  US & EU international expansion
  •  Over 10,000 bikes on the road
  •  Exit event planned for 2025 via IPO or trade sale


Project Harley is a motorcycle company that specialises in manufacturing and direct sales. Since its establishment in 2005, they company has been working on fine-tuning & delivering world-class motorcycles at attractive price points, aiming to offer riders un-matched value.

With over 10,000 bikes on the road it is now time for Project Harley to scale up & shake up the motorcycle industry with their next phase of international expansion & innovation: e-motorbikes & digital access.

Funding Proposal:

Project Harley is seeking a total of $12,000,000 (equity and debt) to build the raw product and fulfil 10,000+ unfulfilled backlog orders from Australia and overseas (50% of funds will go inventory)

Equity exchange: 10% for $2,000,000 equity raise

Debt interest and term: Negotiable

Pre-money valuation: $18,000,000

Note - Exit event planned for 2025 via IPO or trade sale

Stellar management team. The founder is one of Australia’s brightest minds having been titled "Young Australian Of The Year – TAS" and is a two time recipient of "Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year".

Unique subscription model. Project Harley aims to revolutionize the way riders’ own motorcycles by creating un-matched value for ownership, pivoting the debt driven ownership of motorcycles to a ‘no strings attached’ digital subscription model. The is all app driven.

Award winning company. Project Harley is a four-time winner of ‘Australian specialised Retailer of the Year’. Telstra business award winner – Vic. Sensis Social Responsibility Award Winner. AMA US champion.

Already profitable. Project Harley is already impressively profitable despite being in its infancy. The management team have been very strategic with spending and distribution.

Operational efficient. The business is direct to consumer (D2C) and the supply chain is completely vertically integrated. This helps keep prices low and quality high.

Quality and socially conscious product. It is the only motorcycle manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty. The company is also releasing a full range of electric bikes. The prices of the e-bikes will be comparable to gasoline powered motorcycles.

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