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  •  Highly streamlined and automated operations
  •  Owner only works 10 hours a week
  •  Has the most customer reviews on products in industry
  •  No Liabilities; No lease, No Employees, No Contracts


A well-established Sydney-based online retailer that specialises in the maternity, Prenatal, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Breastfeeding and Baby Feeding markets.

Asking: $600,000

Revenue & Profit: ~$200,000 net profit

Business type: Ecommerce

Management Status: Owner operated

Year of Establishment: 2007

Reason for sale: Owner is highly entrepreneurial and wants to dedicate her time to her newer ventures. She also has the desire to become more mobile, with less work commitments.

Location: Sydney, NSW 

Highly streamlined and automated operations with flexible working hours. The owner currently spends only 2 hours a day working on the business. Tasks include running Google Ads campaigns and replying to emails. Note: they are not currently running social media ads – this is an area of opportunity for expansion.

Lots of growth opportunity. The owner calls his business a ‘lazy asset’ which she does not work very hard on. Due to covid, she begun personally managing inventory (as opposed to scaling it) and has wound back her product offerings because of supply chain issues. Now that supply chain issues are easing, there are many opportunities to reintroduce the products. For example – infant formula was a great product line that had many repeat customers.

Great growth. Organic sales growth of 20% Year on Year in 2021, with 2022 Sales likely to enjoy greater growth as supply constraints begin to alleviate.

Highly engaged customer segment.This business has very high customer engagement and feedback – it has more customer reviews for products than almost any other baby business. This could potentially become an asset that is sellable to market research companies.

Lean business model. No Liabilities; No lease, No Employees, No Contracts. Few if any businesses offer such potential for growth with virtually no obligations. This business could be moved virtually anywhere with no risk attached.

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