Chance to Enter Queensland's Booming Metal Recycling Market

1 month ago


  • A company for sale that recycles almost all metals and resells large metal equipment
  • Perfect location in an industrial district surrounded by construction companies
  • Extensive removal system allows the company to collect all kinds of bulky scrap
  • Eco-friendly business expected to rise in the current economic climate


An excellent opportunity for an innovative entrepreneur to own a metal recycling business with great reputation since its establishment 15 years ago. The owner is only asking for $1,200,000 with consistent gross profits between $500,000 to $1,000,000.


Absolutely perfect location for a metal recycling business. Located in an industrial district, the business can easily recycle scrap metal produced by construction companies nearby.

Diverse range of customers with increasing demand. The business enjoys a wide range of customers ranging from large construction companies that provide various steel beams and frames, to smaller companies that provide old or broken piping or wiring. As the impacts from COVID continue to weaken, construction activities are expected to consistently increase in the future, increasing customer demand in the metal recycling industry.

Recycles almost all metal with great technicality. The business collects all types of metal, except for small batteries, creating a large number of trading options. The recycling plant is equipped with a large skip bin, allowing it to collect bulky metal crap that customers cannot collect themselves.

Great opportunity to step into the eco-friendly market. The government has been investing a substantial amount of capital to improve the environment, while consumers are becoming more conscious and aware of the environment. Recycling and reselling is the next industry to boom.

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