Construction Tech Solutions, anticipating US launch in 2023

2 months ago


  • Marketplace technological solution meets the growing construction industry
  • Exponential growth since launch in early 2022 with 0.7% market share currently 
  • Major brand sponsors and investors currently investing in the company
  • Significant future growth opportunities in Australia and plans to soft launch in the USA


Funding Round: $18,800,000
Pre-Money Valuation: $43,000,000

FY2022 Financials
Normalised revenue: $2,441,048
Gross Profit: $1,829,981 
Gross Profit Margin: 75%

A lucrative opportunity to invest in a fast growing company that has strong potential to capitalise on market gaps within the renovation and construction industry. 

The business uses technological solutions to connect homeowners and builders by providing an easily accessible online subscription platform that delivers instant renovation quotes, project coordination software and a database of contractors. 

Excited investors will have the opportunity to reap the gains of this startup, especially in their overseas scaling endeavours. Furthermore there are minimal competitors within the construction industry and distinct from existing services.


Technological solutions. Tech solutions are shaping the landscape of the industry, and this company is at the forefront of providing such services. 

Distinct from competitors. Minimal services in the market that provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions from digital 3D design to construction. 

Stable demand for services. 2 million+ homes renovated in Australia and 20 million+ in the USA. Demand for services is high and will remain stable amidst the growing construction industry. 

Connected with major sponsors and investors. Currently the company has major sponsors and partnerships with REA platforms, homeware retailers and investors in the tech industry. 

High growth opportunities. With a steady growth rate since its launch, the company has strong scalability within Australia within the next year, with future plans to expand business to the USA market.

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