DPA + MMM3 Mixed Billing GP. NSW mid north coast.

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2 months ago

A big, purpose-built mixed billing clinic, created over 10 yrs ago, w/ 10 CRs, a staff rm, PM's office & a large 3-bed treatment rm is for sale on the NSW mid-nth coast. W/ 6 drs (3x VR GPs + each doing 3-4 days/wk) & 2-3 more drs in training joining in Feb 2023, this clinic is accredited w/ GP Synergy & GPA.Owner works only 1 day a week clinically. 

  • Onsite car pkg supports 16-18 cars; w/ staff car pkg for 8.
  • Opp Woolworths so loads of pedestrian traffic
  • Path rents a rm + pays $85Kpa
  • 1x of the beds in the tx rm is a procedural bay for skin cancer
  • W/ 1x entry & 2x waiting areas, there are 3x toilets (1x disabled; 1x for staff & 1x for pts) + a shower

The owner also owns the bldg & will offer a long lease w/ options. The current lease has 3x more yrs w/ 2x more 5 yr options. They are happy to assign/transfer it. My vendor will remain wkg at the practice where he is happy to remain supervising regs + consulting as a GP. He will transition the m'ment for up to 3 months to the new owner. The building is not for sale currently. 

A F/T PM is in place, w/ 2x RN & 1x EN, together w/ 4x admin (+1 on mat leave who will return). Open 5.5 days/wk, all procedures are privately billed, card holders are BB as well as paeds up to 16 yrs. They support local nursing homes & retirement villages so plenty of potential to do more! 

Podiatrists ($40K pa), Audiologist ($12k pa) & dietitian ($8K pa) pay rent, subsidizing the head lease of $180K pa incl $10K of on-costs. The rent is manageable together w/ the WIPs & PIPs ($60-70 a quarter combined) & subtenants. GP synergy education incentives also off-set the rent. Another dr in the practice is also an accredited GP supervisor; so the incentives will have to be negotiated.

PMS is MD & prac soft. Accreditation took place in 2021 & the next audit is due 2024. Online bookings w/ HotDoc. An accounting firm ensures that the dr disbursement are undertaken correctly on a fortnightly basis & staff are paid fortnightly. 

Site visits A/H at a mutually convenient time, once an initial online meeting has taken place. 

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