Famous Italian Fast Food Eatery in Western Sydney, Hot and Extremely Popular

1 month ago


  • Established in 1997, maintained a great reputation and is famous for local communities
  • Consistent organisations of events and functions, including parties, launches, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences. Live music show once a week
  • Advantageous location on a busy road near public transport, retail, hospitality and residential areas
  • Well over 100 dishes on the menu covering a wide range of dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal


Asking Price: $510,000
Net Profit: $170,000

A fabulous opportunity to own a famous Italian restaurant located on a busy road near many public facilities in West Sydney. 

With over 600 positive Google reviews, the restaurant is well-known to many local residents for its delicious food, holistic menu that satisfies all common dietary needs and great live music show every week.


Ideal location. located on one of the busiest streets in West Sydney, the restaurant is close to many public facilities including public transport, hospitality services, retailers and general residential areas. 

Large client database coming for food and events. Apart from the delicious food that sustained the brand for 17 years, the restaurant is also regularly used as a great venue for exhibitions, conferences, live-music shows, launches and parties. Always busy serving food and drinks.

Full coverage of different consumers’ dietary demands. With more than 100 dishes on the menu, the restaurant is offering great  food to satisfy a wide array of dietary requirements. Great food available for vegetarian, gluten-free food eaters and Muslims.

Developed social media platforms for marketing. The restaurant already has a well-developed website and facebook page of more than 500 followers. Marketing is easy and mature, consistently attracting new customers.

Untapped Growth potential. With increased attention to the existing marketing strategy, increasing revenue will be a no-brainer and immediate. In addition, presence in social media besides Facebook is currently non-existent which means there is opportunity to reach audiences if the new owner decides to become active in Instagram, TikTok and so on.

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